Secret Invasion #6

Okay, so forgive me! I know I have been away for sometime; MUL hasn’t been updated, the project to redo the sets have been halted and now the comics are on strike. Its not my fault! Well, it is, but for good reason, but lets get things back on track and start with Secret Invasion #6 which was a real boost to the series. Secret Invasion #5 was the big boost, but Secret Invasion #6 got to the climax and we stand on the cusp of our greatest marvel showdown.

Reviews may be shorter than usual because I have some catching up to get done, but those series that are good will have the same low down that I try to genuinely bring to all my reviews and Secret Invasion was no exception. Right out the gate we knew this had to be the round the bend Usain Bolt catalyst, especially with only two issues left. They delivered in Action, but not the drama, let me tell you. You want drama go pick up the tie-ins after months of reading about the Skrull Hank Pym we finally got some other stories like the deal with the Illuminati and the Commandos, which honestly need their own series.

Either way the whole Invasion mess comes to a head, apparently we are in a really slow time warp because everything that happened within 5 issues has apparently happened in a day or two which is a lot to have happen, but the Skrulls have everything in place, sothey think. We finally get the entrance of Thor into the series which is what I have been dying for because we know don’t nobody swing a hammer like the God of Thunder and aint nobody better at handing the whoop ass like Thor Either.

Where is the showdown, The Savage Land of course, the biggest surprise is who else is coming to the fight, all of Marvel’s most infamous villains that’s who they are fully strapped and ready to due some serious damage. I am not sure how we expect this to go any other way than in the heroes favor, but now we know Janet Pym, the Wasp is definitely somehow in on the payroll of the Skrulls. I don’t think she really is in on it, I just think that she is a part of their plan. If you haven’t read the side stories the original Skrull Pym gave Janet a “better” serum.

That’s all that really happens in this issue so we should look for quite the banger in October.

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