Eternals #4

Eternals #4 was a really good issue. We got to see some of Iron Man mixing himself up in the affairs of the Eternals once again. I am not so sure he is going to like trying to get involved with these guys and playing arrogant S.O.B., but it’s definitely interesting because I really am just waiting for him to get knocked down. There is a lot that happens in this issue that is good and there is a lot that happens that is bad.

The bad is we don’t get any more information on the Fulcrum or the Celestials. The good is we get a lot more Eternals and a lot more about their relationships; ultimately it is a very uneventful issue that feels like a stalled chapter in the minds of the writer. Kind of like they were dragging feet to see where the Secret Invasion series is going, high points are the Forgotten One’s entrance into the story and his decimation of Druig and Legba. It’s also really funny.

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