Titans #5

Titans #5 were a good issue which explored Ravens link to her father and her brother more in depth. Hinting here and there, but letting up really little to the reader. The funny thing is what happened at the end of Titans #4 as the boys deceive their father Trigon; or rather Raven tricks them into sapping the power of their obviously weakened father.

Raven is in complete dismay as she normally is after events dealing with her father, but Beast boy is there to try and help pick up the pieces. Man he is persistent! This often ends Beast Boy up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it does so again as in walks the brothers three to lure Raven away from the Titans. It is not clear whether or not Raven is calling out to them or they are tricking her, whatever happens ultimately she departs with her brothers. Where this will lead no one knows, or don’t we…

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