Guardians of the Galaxy #4

I know I am playing catch up with a lot of these series and trying to get back on track and some of you probably want me to catch up on a specific title so if you do then go ahead and say so, but starting tomorrow I will give a new entry and an entry to a title I have been missing in order to catch everyone up. I left off Guardians of the Galaxy with issue #3 and we are already on issue #5so I really need to get that back on pace, so here goes the Guardians entry into the Secret Invasion.

Skrulls are aboard the knowhere station and they detonated a bomb doing massive damage, now the Guardians the knowhere council is trying to figure out who and what is behind everything. This is leaving the knowhere council pitted against the Guardians of the Galaxy. If you have read Guardians of the Galaxy #5 then you know what and who is behind all of this, if you haven’t then you are in for a real surprise. I guarantee most of you wont see it coming.

Drax appears to be the primary suspect in the case and Peter is doing everything he can to hold it together. The writers try to play some interesting moves by making Peter wear his mask more in the issue and having people take a look at that, but its done too obviously. The real interesting part is when you find out how Peter actually got the team to form in the first place. Mantis mentally manipulated them all. Well Guardians of the Galaxy #5 is full of surprises and revelations so we will get into that soon, until then enjoy.

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