Nova #16

The last time I was able to do a write up about Nova is just about when I started slipping and sliding away from the blog because of my life’s responsibilities, I was sad to because it was in Nova #15 that Nova’s entrance into the Secret Invasion was announced. You know I am sad because I can still not play with Nova in a great deal of varying cards in the Versus system. I know we got a copy of him in the last MUN set and we had a copy of him back in Marvel Team Up, but Versus really needs to start exploring those cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe.

Nova #16 was a good read and it settles the score on what Andy and Lanning are planning with the character. Worldmind is no longer around which really dampens the series a little to be truthful. Not so much that I want to stop reading entirely, but think of it this way, he is a cop on the beat by himself in most situations and no one to talk to, the dialogue between Worldmind and him was kind of like reading Spider-Man and hearing his quips, you feel a little left out of the action without them.

Either way it also proves detrimental to Nova because a lot of the things Worldmind did for him he now has to do for himself in combat which is obviously slowing him down a tad bit. He is ambushed by a few Skrulls and is luckily saved by the Super Skrull who is amongst the Skrull ambush. Thank god for the Super Skrull change of allegiance, or is it? Nova is brought up to speed by the Super Skrull who wants to go to Earth to help so the two go gating into the skies in which they arrive in the midst of the Skrull fleet orbiting deep space above the Earth.

Things look worse when it appears the Super Skrull has turned on Nova. Is it times up for our human rocket or is the Super Skrull once again saving a humans ass? We will have to wait until Nova #17 to find out for sure, but the story is moving right along and the Skrull invasion is definitely showing it is affecting the entire universe.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the Silver Surfer get involved in the Secret Invasion story. I'm sure he'd kick some serious Skrull butt.


NEIL04 said...

i agree with you on that. the way they are choosing to write this new surfer and galactus relationship im doubting they will involve the big G, atleast within the main story, but the Eternals series is another thought because it is a side story that speaks to alot of the cosmic affairs and Galactus could be heavily involved in that backstory.


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