Action Comics #870

I have a couple of reviews coming up on the site today, namely DC titles. Action Comics #870 is up first just because of my disappointment with where the series ended up. Geoff Johns was doing a really great job and the only annoyance was Gary Franks rendering of Superman to look just like the characters who starred in the movies. It may have been his way of homage, but I could have done without it. Ultimately Geoff fell flat as the ending to this amazing series seemed rushed and lay out poorly.

Brainiac managed to bottle up Metropolis and he was definitely showing his mental prowess along with physical dominance over the man of steel in the series up until this point. Superman somehow manages to break free of the clutches of Brainiac who has been soundly whooping on Superman for over 4 issues now, but in the finale he is capable of turning the tables, stopping the sun from going Supernova, releasing Metropolis and Kandor from their bottled states and defeating Brainiac, while Jonathan Kent kicks the bucket in yet another Superman series, its definitely wore thin on me at this point because it has happened too many times across the Superman series’.

Brainiac being defeated by his bacteriaphobia or whatever it is that Johns uses as the turning point was hardly worth the finale read. It was just an unimpressive end for such an impressively reconstructed character in the Superman mythos. Looking at the re-creation of characters that is going on in the DC Universe, the almost complete revamp of some makes me really sad that DC has yet to sign on with UDE to continue the license for the Versus System yet. I would love to have this new incarnation of Brainiac in cardboard print.

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