Next up we have Final Crisis Revelations #2 and #3. Normally, I would review these two title together, but Final Crisis Revelations is better than that and far more deserving. Final Crisis Revelations really is the beacon of the comic world. I don’t think you will read a series written better in either the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe. Greg Rucka is doing a fabulous job on the series and Philip Tan is doing wonderfully painting this very dark world that not even the main series has quite captured.

Final Crisis is supposed to be a battle of good versus evil, but it is only within the pages of Revelations that you really feel this end is nigh near and the dawning of Apocalypse is upon the DC Universe. It could be the Spectre’s vengeance or it could just very well be the fact that all of the elements of the Crisis; the crime bible, the New Gods battle, Prime, it all just seems to culminate in this series. Renee Montoya is being hunted down by the Spectre for what we have no clue it isn’t even made aware. Renee is spared by Radiant, the spirit of Mercy, another one of God’s acolytes, but this only angers Spectre more, having had to kill his own son.

Vandal Savage is sitting at his computer looking at the sign for Omega, which is pretty much synonymous with Darkseid. There is a chant that is in latin I haven’t been able to translate fully because it is written so small, but I am sure it says something about the time and wickedness, either way Vandal Savage walks outside and is impaled with the Spear of Destiny being reborn as Cain. Marching to that tune Vandal wants to find the Spectre. Looks like Darkseid’s minions who have all fallen to the Anti-Life equation will be getting to Crispus, Renee and Sister Clarice first though. BTW, you can click on the images to get fuller pictures. Come back later tonight for more Revelations #3…

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