T'Challa and I travelled to Groovy Gecko's in Williamsburg, VA. NIce place great players, great store owner. This event was not packed with players, but we had fun either way, which is always the best part about playing Versus. The last time we went down there were probably 8-10 guys this time there was less, but we ran the MUN Sealed Event anyway, here is T'Challa's report for his day in which he took st place

Today was the Marvel Universe Sealed event in Williamsburg, Va.

Neil and I traveled about 45 minutes or so to attend the $20.00 entry fee event.

We had 7 players in total, I believe.

I didn't keep the cards sorted very well and only decided to do this report after getting home, so I don't even have my full deck list. But, I'll highlight the fun stuff:

5 packs of cards were opened:

Pack 1: Captain America secret avenger

Pack 2: Black Panther 5 and a captain America's Shield

Pack 3: Captain America Secret avenger, Baron Strucker, The Captain

Pack 4: Captain America 4 drop (his version escapes me at the moment Satan Claw

Pack 5: Baron Strucker, Switching Sides (I think these were the last pack's contents), Black Panther

I decided immediately that since I had no other 6 drops AT ALL I'd be playing both Struckers and his claw. I also new I'd be playing Cap and Panther.

My deck formed up looking something like this:

1s: 0
2s: Hawkeye, Captain America x2, Bullseye
3s: Falcon, Tigra x2
4s: The Captain, Captain America
5s: Green Goblin, Black Panther x2
6s: Baron Strucker x2
7s: Venom, Carol Danvers

Plot Twists:

Grudge Match
I Am Doom x2
Secret Avengers x2
Slobberknocker x2
Out For Justice
Hard to Kill
Switching Sides


Thunderbolts Mountain


Captain America's Shield
Satan Claw

I know there were more cards, because my deck was 33 cards at game time, but I don't recall the other cards at this moment.

It is announced that we will be playing 4 rounds at 2 out of 3.

Round 1, I get a bye. So I buy 2 Coming of Galactus sets, hoping for a 2 drop Spiderman and a 4 drop Nightcrawler. I am rewarded with those and a Strategic Thinking in the first box and a 7 drop Silver Surfer and another Strategic Thinking in the second. Nice.

Round 2 I play against a younger guy that apparently steam rolled his first opponent, a new player that jovially wished the worst luck on him after their game.

I don't recall all of the details, but it wasn't great for my opponent at all. Slobberknocker helped push through a little damage in the early turns since my attackers were constantly getting stunned back. I won from a mix of lucky top decks and strong power ups.

Round 3 I played against Brian, a VSrealms member that goes by the name of Trader(with some numbers attached, but I don't recall the numbers so this parenthesis is being used to hold my place until I look it up and edit it in). Brian had played Neil Round 1 and while I milled around I had watched only a few moments of their game. Brian is a super nice guy, and we don't have enough VS players like him out there! I don't recall all of the details, but I think game 1 I had a particularly good draw off the bat with a strong field and the Captain brickwalling an important attack (using I Am Doom to k.o. 3 lower drops and give him 4 counters. Yeah, neat). Game 2 I got off to a somewhat slower start I think but was able to pull off another tough spot play through luck again. Turn 4 I flipped T-bolt Mtn and Asgard in reponse to His Genis Vell. I managed to stun Vell and Switching sides him to my side. Brian had to under drop on 5 and played Vance Astrovik to replace my Asgard. So I responded by stacking a 2 drop Cap on top of my deck and allowed him to hit my row. This was an important moment for me, because I hadn't set my 5th resource yet, but wanted to play my Black Panther on 5 and only had a Grudge Match face down in row. This allowed me to have another Face down resource So I could set a character and boost Panther. I teased Brian that my next play couldn't have been done without him and proceeded to boost in my Panther, backing up my 4 drop Cap. This left my visible area to consist of a support row Genis Vell adjacent to a 4 drop Captain America who was protected by a Falcon or Tigra, I think. Brian team attacked "MY" Genis and after it became legal Cap bounced the attack to my hidden 2 drop Bullseye. Bri scooped from there.

Round 4 I played against a guy they called "Whitey". Our match was pretty fast. With a dice roll loss for me Whitey elects to go second. I whiff on one, while he hits an Iron Fist. I take 2. Turn 2 I think he hits a T-bolt 2 drop and I hit a Cap who successfully rallies a Falcon to my hand. Turn 3, I hit a Falcon and successfully rally for a Captain America 2 drop, blind! This makes Falcon a 6/7, so I control his board down to just two characters. Turn 4, Whitey drops a Sharon Carter, concealed while I can only under drop my other 2 drop Cap in to play or play a Tigra. I choose Cap, hit a 4 drop Cap and then equip the Shield. Whitey swings Sharon in to my 7/8 Falcon and passes, so I play a Hard to Kill, gaining +2 DEF and brick wall with the stunback. He team attacks with his 3 and 2 in to my 7/8, so I exhaust Falcon to switching sides to steal his Sharon. He scoops game one.

Game 2 Whitey chooses odds, but the game looks similar, except with Hawkeye missing his one drop and burying some plot twist, followed by Falcon doing more of the same. I do hit The Captain on 4 though and with 2 hidden 2 drops (Bullseye and Hawkeye). The Captain chooses "Captain America" and Whitey hammers at my Captain. We trade, and he jumps ahead in the END race. Turn 5 I hit Green Goblin and name Dr. Doom which triggers a response from Ken at the other end of the table "The Captain just named Dr. Doom? I smell BS" or something to that effect. Whitey swings at the Captain and I play an I am Doom, k.o.ing my 2 2 drops, and giving him 3 counters, and this brick walls an attack. As Whitey prepares to scoop again, he stops me and says "Wait" choosing to play it out instead, since he is up by more than 10 END at this point. Turn 6 I miss Baron AGAIN, boost a Black Panther, giving Captain Doom 2 more counters after Green goblin gave him one more, bringing his total up to 6. I give him Captain America's shield as well. Combat Phase, Captain Doom adds Baron Strucker's name to his list. I get to hammer away, but leave myself little to do with Black Panther other than play a Secret Avengers and try to rally for a character, but fail. Turn 7, my opponent hits his 7 drop Hulk, now staring me down with his 7, 6 and 4 (I think. He responded to a switching sides) in play. I think for a few moments and after about a minute I decide to simply take a chance and play my 2 drop Cap and Rally blind again. I hit and distribute counters to everybody. I think it over and play my other 2 drop Cap and hope for the best, guessing that since I've only got about 10 cards left at this point, my next card is a 6 drop, which it is, and distribute another round of counters, bringing The Captain up to 8. I give Cap 2 drop his shield and give The Captain Baron Doom a Satan Claw. This makes Whitey cringe a little and scoop once more (I had another I am doom and 3 characters to k.o. to it which would have brought the counter total up to 12, making the Captain more than any one of his characters could handle.

This ended the tournament with me getting first place and choosing the Iron Man Shirt for my prize, since it is one of the ones I hadn't gotten yet.

Highlights included realizing how awesome Baron Strucker is with a Switching Sides and a Satan Claw.. Strucker stuns himself and the target, setting up the delayed trigger for the recovery phase, but if you switching Sides the opposing character before then, you'll get to recover both of them and your normal for the turn recovery! How often do you see that come up?

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed.

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tchalla said...

Just wanted to address my miscount on the correct number of counters. I actually had 9 counters on The Captain Doom, not 8, thanks to Green Goblin.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming out to the tourney. I thought about writing up a report on it as well, but 1)It looks like you've done such a good job I do, and 2)I do not want to recount my humiliating defeat in round 3. Come back anytime, guys.

-Brian (Trader"2699")

fiend28 said...

Sorry for the less than stellar turn out, I would have came up again, but I chose to play in a Clone Saga tourney here in NC.


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