Batman #680

Batman R.I.P. has had more twist and turns than a six flags roller coaster, surprisingly I have loved them all. Batman #680 draws this series closer to its conclusion, which I am still lost on. I have no clue how it is going to end, where it is going to end. I just know it is coming to an end in a mind-bending manner. Morrison has definitely taken us through a twisted ride with this series and an even more twisted joke with this sadist version of the clown prince who has joined with the Black Glove in order to ferry Batman into the underworld so it seems.

Batman has been led through this journey like a narrated script and the Black Glove has been the director, tuning up for the final moment of victory which they seem to have reached. Something with Black and Red and the tiles in the room, Jezebel has turned on the dark knight, not very surprising, can’t say I didn’t see it coming and now what is next? I am looking forward to the conclusion to this mind bender I definitely enjoyed the ride.

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