Well, we are going to continue this week with trying to catch everyone up on the fanfare for the Batman R.I.P. series that is drawing to its conclusion. But before that this morning I am going to throw a morsel of probably the worst tie-in I have read to date Batman and the Outsiders, entitled Outsider No More?! I am not even going to break this issue down, I would much rather not even post about it, but I felt it may have something bigger to play later in the story so I am giving it to you for that purpose and that purpose alone.

The art on this series is wretched. There is an OMAC robot on the cover for what purpose I do not know. All of the superheroes in the series look evil, like they are all walking around constipated. Even when looking at Batgirl covered by her mask she still has that grimy look of anger. In one panel commissioner Gordon is supposed to look sad as he watches Nightwing beat the hell out of some criminals in an alley right beside police HQ where the Bat-signal is?! The whole premise of this story is the Outsiders are lost without Batman’s leadership and have no clue what to do without him, whether to keep the Outsiders going or fold them, well that’s the story. Frank Tieri, Ryan Benjamin; just wow!

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