Nightwing #148 & 149

I am done with half a semester of classes and have a breather so its time to catch up on some comics and get things back on track around here. This is going to be a little difficult given the MEV previews, but I am going to make sure I keep that stuff on the site as the Versus community is just dying to know. Remember I am not going to preview what others have previewed. Instead I’ll help out with the who’s who of Versus and give you links to their sites and their reviews, a blog roll of previews if you will. Right now, we need to focus on getting the Batman R.I.P. series back on track as we are probably about 5 issues behind and the conclusion is just right around the corner. Let’s get on track with Nightwing #148 and Nightwing #149.

Nightwing #148 picks up where #147 and it really is just filler in the Batman RIP series, but means a lot more to the world of Nightwing. The story isn’t even linked to the events in RIP it’s just got that title branding and the way it rolled out of RIP it brought questions, but it hurts to think DC is using this tactic in order to sell issues.

Like I said though the interesting thing is Tomasi is doing an excellent job with the exploration of the Nightwing character and giving him some heavy hitting foes to face. In this issue he is literally or imaginatively up against Deathstroke, it appears. Is it Deathstroke? I doubt it would actually be him hunting down the former Titan, but you never know.

Nightwing is still trying to save Carol and doing so with everything he has. He takes her to one of the safehouses in order to protect her before he drags his ass to Wayne Manor for some medical attention from Alfred. After returning Nightwing is hit with a surprise at the safehouse, a rogues gallery of Batman universe villains. This rolls us into Nightwing #149 where Nightwing is facing the illusions of the rogues gallery of villains.

Let me mention if Nightwing were capable of taking down all of Batman’s famous villains by himself I would begin to seriously rethink the characters in the DC universe and shove Tomasi the finger. What is revealed in this chapter though is that Two-Face’s evil alter ego has actually hired the hit on carol and is trying to eliminate her, which he does due to the illusions orchestrated by Scarecrow’s fear toxin which Two-Face has obtained. Apparently, Two-Face alos got some sharpshooting lessons from Deathstroke which is how he pulled off those more than accurate shots on Nightwing.

Tomasi really took some liberties here and I don’t think readers will like that very much, but alas thanks to all of this orchestration Two-Face’s alter ego gets his job done and kills Carol. When the Good Two-Face figures out what has happened he is pissed and crying about how Nightwing was supposed to protect her. Nightwing #150 will be the conclusion to this chapter, lets see what happens.

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