Eternals #5

The Eternals is finally getting its engine going with action, up until this point it has been all about the mental aspect of the story. Getting readers on the same page and understanding who these characters really are. Oddly enough these are some of the longest standing characters in the Marvel Universe who tie together its very fabric and foundations, but not many readers would know that. The series does well with using Gilgamesh as the turning point in the series and this dude is simply bad ass.

Some major points here to keep in mind is how well Knauf is writing a series that is almost independent of the rest of the Marvel Universe in some regards, while also being so very distant from the Secret Invasion. Acuna’s artwork may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, I definitely had to get used to it, but he pulls it off superbly. So the major points to take away from this issue is that Joey is finally discovered to be a symbiote host and even though Thena knows this to be the truth, isn’t too happy about the termination of his life. Ajak’s plotting due to his jealousy of Makkari has paid off as Gilgamesh crushes the speedster only to be left behind for Ajak to kill. Well he isn’t really dead, he will be reborn, knowing that takes away a little of the amazement. Gilgamesh is being played the fool by Ajak and the Celestial has just set a distress beacon of some sort. I’m looking forward to Eternals #5, are you?

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