Nova #17

I am going to throw this review out there early and hope it sticks to enough readers that its impact on the Marvel Universe is hopefully felt and people get to thinking about what it means to the Secret Invasion. There is no doubt that Abnett and Lanning have done for the Cosmos in the Marvel Universe, what Kirby did for the New Gods and all they have meant to the Final Crisis in DC. These guys are awesome.

Abnett and Lanning throw a fastball special that is sure to knock some readers out on their collective behinds, especially fans of old favorites like Darkhawk. But wait there is more, Super Skrull actually aided Nova and used him as a means to infiltrate the Skrull Armada. On top of all this Worldmind is reborn, but not as Worldmind, nope, instead its Quasar, Wendell Vaughn. I am still in shock as this was supposed to be a casualty of the Annihilation series, so as soon as Nova #18 comes out and I can make heads of tails, I’ll let you know. Other than this its just a standoff at Project Pegasus as the Skrulls infiltrate the facility.

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fiend28 said...

For the love of god let this be real!! Man would this make my day


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