X-Force #6 and #7

Lastly for today you get a Double Feature: X-Force #6 and #7. This double feature comes as a present on behalf of my forgetful mind. I have had the images for this scanned for awhile, but I forgot to post the review so now I am going to lump them together. 16 pages of scans from X-Force. This series has been spectacular from the start, both in artwork and in writing. I was a fan the moment I opened X-Force #2 and now it’s become a monthly for me. Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost have done a superb job on this series.

X-Force #6 concluded the Angels and Demons story arc, but the ending was really just the beginning. In Part 6 of the Angels and Demons storyline Archangel took off and killed every last purifier that possessed his Apocalypse strain DNA that gave them wings. It was a slaughter, they did not stand a chance and even amongst the gruesome violence Clayton Crain manages a page that makes Archangel look like, well an Angel. Rahne aka Wolfsbane really goes off the deep end and finds her father whom she devours, yes I said it, she ate him. The real reason why this is just the beginning though is the reveal that the technarch minions of Bastion are revealed. All of the X-Mens worst enemies back at large under Bastions control and Cyclops wants them dealt with!

X-Force #7 begins the story arc Old Ghost which is a 4 part arc where I assume the X-Men will be dealing with all of these old revived nemesis, Graydon Creed was already unleashed in news media calling for the extinction of the mutants. Meanwhile the X-Men have a bigger problem to deal with, the Vanisher has stolen the Legacy Virus and the X-Men need to find it. Meanwhile the X-Force team which seems to consist of more member than originally thought is battling with that gray line that exist between good and evil. Just an update on the team members; Wolfsbane, Archangel, Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and it even seems Elixir are part of the teams. Not exactly sure where it will go because Elixir seems to want a mind wipe by the Cuckoos? This issue struggled in the art department as Mike Choi seems to do a solid enough job on the art, but it looks like an imitation of previous issues Clayton Crain worked on.

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fiend28 said...

Great review, X-force looks like the kind of book i would collect if i was still reading comics on a regular basis. The Archangel vs the winged purifiers scene reminded me of Ascension from Top Cow. That had blue skinned demon looking guys fighting light skinned looking angels guys with art by David Finch


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