Legion of Three Worlds is another Final Crisis side story, though ti seems more like a way to retcon the Legion of Superheroes back into continuity than anything else. It is still an interesting story. The Time Trapper pulls Superman Prime into the 31st century in order to destroy the Legion. This is interesting discussion that readers notice Superman Prime is now called Superman Prime vice Superboy as he once was because of the legal disputes with the Shuster’s and DC Comics in trying to attain the rights to the Superman franchise, which they have been fairly successful at.

Legion of Three Worlds #1 chronicles Superman Primes journey to the future where he is displeased with his legacy as a adversary unworthy of mention in the future. I am trying to figure out why he is so unworthy a villain. This version of Superman killed so many Green Lanterns it was ridiculous trying to keep count. I think in Legion of Three Worlds #3 it is noted by the last Green Lantern Rond that he killed 50 Green Lanterns plus a Guardian and nearly killed Sodam Yat. That a pretty powerful villain considering the power the Green Lanterns possess.

There isn’t much going on in Legion of Three Worlds #1 as it really is just story set up. Superman Prime travels to the future unleashes the Legion of Supervillains into the 31st century from their prisons and is ready to embark on his grandest scheme of brute force rule in killing the Legion of Superheroes, that’s the jist and the Time Trapper is behind it all. The Legion themselves are in disarray in the 31st Century and this sets up the great back drop of why the Legion of Supervillains are so easily on the move.

Legion of Three Worlds #2 was more interesting as the Legion responding frees the White Witch from her captivity under Mordru, only to be caught in battle with the Legion of Supervillains and Superman Prime who wants to kill the last of the Lanterns Rond, a feat he does very easily. It is revealed that the Daxamite Sodam yat is still alive and has been at the Green Lantern burial site as the caretaker of the rings and the last true Green Lantern. This does not bode well for the Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lantersn series which is supposed ot be the set up for the Blackest Night series next year. I will be reading this series looking for clues to that series namely. Its not a bad series and Geoff Johns is writing it so I have faith he will deliver as he is definitely one of my favorite writers in the DCU. I just don’t see how it ties into the Final Crisis events just yet and how the timeline works with Superman being there in the 31st Century and somewhere else in Superman Beyond trying to save Lois’ life.

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