Mighty Avengers #19

Today I am going to give reviews for three comics, it almost has to be done that way because of the way the story unties and the way Bendis and crew have been plotting the Secret Invasion. There are some choices moments that occur in Secret Invasion #7 that are big hit surprised but unless you have been reading Mighty Avengers or New Avengers you probably will read them and pass them off as totally insignificant events. So the first review of the day is going to be Mighty Avengers #19, all the series this week were good without a doubt, but Mighty Avengers stuck out in my mind for a number of reasons and it will lead to a Surprise in Secret Invasion #7, see if you can figure it out from the scans.

This is an issue that focuses entirely on the Mar-vell identity and who holds the mantle currently. We all know the real Mar-Vell is dead, but we have a Skrull impostor who is having troubles with his programming and wants to actually defend the Earth. This is not surprising because we have seen how many Hank Pym Sleeper agents have been in continuity. It seems anyone with a complex mind has these same troubles as is the case with the Kree warrior who defended Earth Mar-vell. The issue builds up the exciting story of the character and his affiliation with the Avengers as the Skrull sleeper agent battles his own, while a once imprisoned Noh-Varr watches and questions who he is and what his purpose in this reality are. If you have no clue who Noh-Varr and Mar-Vell you are not a fan of Marvel’s cosmic entities or probably dead from the neck up and not reading Avengers at all, go Wikipedia them and prepare for more scanned goodness of New Avenger #46 and Secret Invasion #7 later today.

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