I am going to let you guys in on a secret you have probably both been figuring out by yourself and probably already know. The side issues which are generally called tie-ins to these major storylines in the DCU and Marvel U are far superior pieces of work to their main storyline books and have depths of information within them that will not only shape the Universes and characters of the brand in years to come, but also their respective series. No truer is that than with Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge. You get another Double Feature today in Final Crisis: Rogues: Revenge #2 and #3 and this one was done purposefully because of the impact the issue had on the way I thought of the Final Crisis and the Rogues themselves.

Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #2 allowed us to explore the inner minds of the evil characters within the flashes world and this book lays a heavy depth of insight with regards to that relationship between good and evil and definitely paints a grayer portrait some of us who like to get deeper into our characters may not soon forget. We experience the reason the rogues are the rogues and why they are so loyal to one another each has a compelling story and none probably as compelling as Captain Cold, their leader. Well he gets to meet up with daddy and take care of some serious business while also deciding to take the Rogues down a path they will be remembered for in years to come, Speedster Slayers! Making the series more interesting is the fact that Libra is hunting down the Rogues because he wants them to join his army of warriors serving Lord Darkseid, why is the question that begins to get answered in Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #3.

In these pages it’s the showdown; The Rogues versus Zoom and Impulse or Kid Zoom as he calls himself moments before he dies. Yep, they kill this speedster in much the same manner as they did the previous Flash. Libra is around as he is trying to coerce them into joining by kidnapping Weather Wizard’s child. The funny part is what we see here. The Spectre and Martian Manhunter were not able to harm Libra, but the Speedster is able to, which once again as Libra points out, makes the speedsters the key to it all. I am still interested in knowing just who is the Libra under that mask and I knew he wasn’t going to die, but its interesting that Kid Zoom is capable of laying the smack down on him like no other has up until this point, which means a lot for the return of the original Flash. Remember the Anti-Life is a universal equation and it was also noted before that the Speedsters speed is an equation as well; both may be universal who knows. What I do know is I enjoyed the ride that Geoff Johns took us on in the mini and won’t soon forget it; as a matter of fact I intend to start collecting the flash once again because of it.

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