Last review of the day, Final Crisis Revelations #3! Guess what, it’s a kicker. You knew! You knew then! When you read Revelations #2that this series was everything I said it was. Stop just grabbing at the scans I put up on the website and go out and pick up some of these issues. Ever heard of starving artist? Well they have to eat somehow and your money is how we keep these stories as awesome as these moving.

Guess who is at the front door wishing the death of the Spectre (Crispus Allen)? Cain (Vandal Savage) is there ready to give the Spectre the ass whooping of a lifetime. Guess how it ends up, with a spear through the Spectre, the Spear of Destiny to be precise. I love what Greg Rucka is doing invoking so much Christian religion in the Final Crisis series. It almost begs the question, where will this end? In a bout of standard Christian lore or across the universe in world religion? I don’t care its good either way and I am happy to see it.

This issue packs the mental punch as it delivers more on the in-depth character questions. I love the artwork though I have seen it argued here and there that the art is to murky and splashy, but I am still trying to figure out through what eyes this series is being viewed.

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