Justice Society of America is definitely one of the DC series that excels above the rest and has definitely been a pleasure reading with Alex Ross’ creation Gog thrown into the mix. It is amazing to me how the series has remained outside of the Final Crisis event without so much as a tie-in or plot point here or there. I actually got a co-worker into reading the series and while she wasn’t into some of the Marvel titles that I presented to her she definitely liked the appeal of the artwork and the storyline that has been hallmarks of the Justice Society of America (Alex Ross and Co.) and the Justice League of America (Benes and Co.). Since I am a little behind with my reviews you will get a Double Feature in Justice Society of America #18 and Justice Society of America #19.

This is pretty much the climax point for the In Gog, We trust story arc which has been riveting. Every issue we kept waiting to see when Gog would go evil and he really hasn’t. it depends on how you view the whole Power Girl situation, whether he did it to her on purpose or not? As in Justice Society of America #18 he really does appear to be a beacon of good. JSA #18 is where everything begins to happen as the divide between those who believe in Gog and those who don’t begin to boil and the chapter in history that Superman spoke of becomes a reality, the appearance of Magog!

Power Girl is on the run in the parallel Earth and makes contact with a religiously devout version of Mr. Terrific trying to find a way back in JSA #19, while the Mr. Terrific she knows is being lectured by Starman about why having his sanity is not such a good thing. Meanwhile Superman confronts a very thankful Lance/Magog about his new powers which are on par with Superman’s. The feuding between the believers and non-believers of the JSA erupts as the team begins to breakdown and battle itself. Meanwhile, Power Girl returns through a portal opened up in Starman accompanied by the Justice Society Infinity hot on her heels. Its going to be a slugfest showdown in JSA #20 and the question is whose coming out on top? Or will Gog choose to stop the infighting and continue his march to make the world a better place? Another question is why is Black Adam being given signs to head in the direction of Magog?

This also happens to be a SIGHTINGS issue which means certain things within will have rippling effects into the upcoming year in the DCU. Don't forget the Marvel TCG expansion, Marvel Evolutions will be out in November so check your local hobby shops and order.

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