Marvel Evolutions Previews

I am happy because I am almost caught up on all my comic reviews up to this week. I should be all set by next Wednesday. Right now though we are going to take time out from Comic Book land to enter our World of Versus System and take a look at the next expansion that is going to be released for the TCG. You won’t find advertisements for this TCG too many places and it is really become a dedicated community game with hints and glimmers of glory here and there, but if you are a comic book aficionado or ever played a Trading Card Game I guarantee once you play this TCG you will want more.

I have mentioned before I will not review cards that have been previewed by other websites or blogs as I think it really cheapens the whole deal, it is almost like stealing an idea from someone and running with it as your own. Blogging can be pretty competitive, but we have to remember we are a community and divided we fall. So what I will do is Blog roll all the websites and blogs that have previewed cards so you can go and check them out. All these bloggers are great at what they do on their blogs and you should check out ways in which they want to break the cards in this game, abusing and creating new bruising decks.

Remember check out your local hobby shops to inquire more about this TCG and if you are interested shoot me a couple of questions if you want to learn how to play.





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