This morning I want to give you a snapshot of the Thor One-Shot: The Truth of History written and drawn by Alan Davis. This comic is a bit of nostalgia in both presentation and writing. Don’t be slighted by this statement at all, but it is the type of work that I wish we were not seeing of Thor currently. In fact the market for the character is becoming so flooded with various incarnations it is becoming hard to distinguish the core character and who he is which is frustrating I think to the fans who are reading the monthly ongoing Thor series, written by J. Michael Straczynski.

Nothing is wrong with Alan Davis’ work and it has its merits as its own standalone issue which is great, but the character is so far right or left of the character that JMS re-injected into the Marvel Continuity. We are drawn back to the olde English tongue of “doth” and “thou” which were removed from the character to make him relevant. We even saw bits and pieces of this when we saw Thor in the Hulk series recently. Matt Fraction did a fine job on his series of keeping to the character Straczynski laid out in the ongoing and I think future writers would do well to follow that formula. Just an opinion, but we need to see more of the Thor that JMS has laid out for continuity than the Thor of past, especially with a Thor movie on the horizon and his importance to the Marvel Universe.

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fiend28 said...

Love that Alan Davis art

Marvel should give him more one shots


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