You don't know him? them? Say it isnt so! Granted that Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man has not been a shining beacon of the X-Men Universe he has definitely been a cult classic, fan favorite within and his role in the Messiah complex storylien got beefed up significantly when he and Layla Miller jumped into the future and Jamie whent off searching Multiple alternate timelines using his cloning ability. I seriously think some Japanese manga creator was watching an episode of X-Men or reading an X-Men comic or something of the sort when they were doing Naruto. Naruto's favorite ninjutsu is called Kage No Buushin Jutsu or something of that nature and like Multiple man he splits into a bunch of distinct personalities. How many personality splitting decks do you expect to see rear there head with cards like these? read more about it over on STU's blog, http://fullbodytransplant.wordpress.com/

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