Marvel Evolutions Previews

Marvel Evolutions Previews are here! Well they have been here for a little over a week and a half now and I am just getting the news thanks to it starting right in the middle of the exercise I am participating in here at work. Guess what? Darkseid Revenge was announced as one of the many blogs around the Versus Community that will get to preview a card, Praise the Gods of cardboard prints. I received an email from The Ben Seck on my VSRealms account, which has been creeping its way into the dominant position as the community of choice for all things Versus System. I am just happy they have adopted MagicWorkstation as the program of choice to play Versus digitally on, anyways lets look at some of the previews thus far.

I am excited by this set for a number of reasons. The main reason is marketing. For those of you who do not know Marvel Evolutions the title did not start as cardboard printouts of the Marvel X-Men, in fact it started out as the X-Men television show. You can actually log onto Marvel.Com and get some of the full episodes for viewing there. Now, this is important to me for a number of reasons, but mainly just because it is a brilliant idea, you market the name and sell to the market that is in love with that name. In this case it happens to be a cartoon show probably viewed by the future players of Versus. What UDE needs to ensure on there part now is that they market within Marvel’s comics or work out some deal where this TCG is linked on their website for people to see. Marvel has a scrolling board across its front page for all things Marvel Related someone should be made aware that preview season has begun. Someone from UDE should be on those Message boards over there posting for the readers of the comics to see who probably are not aware a TCG for the brand exist. That’s a wink to all of us bloggers and opiners who want to see the success of Versus.


One of the things I love about doing this blog is that im not solely focusing on the cardboard for Versus TCG, in fact I am here on the whole doing a lot of comic reviews and trying to give the Versus Community the knowledge of what they are playing with and hopefully inspiring some of you to read about these characters who have never read about them. It helps because I get readers who are not part of the Versus Community reading and getting a taste, but I’ll admit my downsides and that is I don’t focus on the cardboard enough, btu I have asked T’Challa to help me out with this and he has agreed to start writing some Versus related content on a regular basis here on Darkseid Revenge.

Now, none of these cards are cards that I have been selected to preview and I hate to review other peoples material where they have said all that is needed to be said about a card, its kind of like stealing the thunder in my opinion. All I will do is point out where you can get the info on these cards and who reviewed them so you can check them out. Most of the previews thus far have been posted on Facebook or on Vsrealms. CaptainSpud has kept a running log of all of the cards reviewed thus far. The biggie is the news that Cyclops and Gambit will be featured as Legendary Characters in this set based on the current X-Men series Messiah Complex. And yes, this last card is a teaser, what the text is no one knows, but there will probably be text!

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