Mighty Avengers #18

I wrote New Avengers #45 earlier knowing I was disappointed with all of the Flashback storytelling, but also because I was excited about Mighty Avengers #18. This kind of still counts as flashback story telling, but there are no Retcons here because this takes us back to something that really made Mighty Avengers pop off the pages for us and that’s the return of Nick Fury and his new Commando’s. TBS and TBZ, you guys over at UDE need to get on this and work this team into the next Marvel set I tell ya because these boys and girls are simply badass!

This flashback side story tells of how Nick Fury whipped these boys and girls into shape for the invasion that he knew was to come and boy did he lay it into them in this series. First they show the torture of Yo-Yo by whom you would think is Hydra, but its really just good ol’ Nick Fury testing his teams mental game.After that he whoops on Stonewalls ass to prove a point and follows all of that up with making them perform a deadly mission given the circumstance. Kidnap the director of SHIELD, Maria Hill. Funny enough this wasn’t just a test for his boys and girls but for Maria Hill as well.

Nick Fury wanted to make sure she listened to him and had not gone Skrully on him and used those LMD’s like he warned her and his rag tag group of Commando’s were successful in their snatch and grab, proving they were ready for the Big Leagues…

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