New Avengers #45

New Avengers #45 is an issue I am going to call Retcon 101. I like the sound of it and it is what it is, it’s a rehash of everything that has happened up until now with the Skrull invasion, mainly the effects of the mutants and the Annihilation wave. We see the part the Skrulls played in each of these events and how they handled the situation. I can’t say I liked it thought. To be honest I am getting tired of the back story retcons that are being levied on side issues.

New Avengers #45 is a lot of this. M-Day is explained and the role the Skrulls played in it. This issue is a must read because you need to know what is going on with this event probably to deduce what is happening in the world of the X-Men. You need to be able to see the messages that Veranke, Queen of the Skrulls conveys about what must be done to the mutants and how the Skrull take the blow of the Annihilation wave destroying their home. Other than that I have nothing much to say about this issue. I am getting tired ot the flashback story telling.

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fiend28 said...

Is Jimmy Chueng the new artist on New Avengers?

NEIL04 said...

yeah he is. sorry i didnt write about that because it was something i noticed. The artwork was great on the series, especially the double layout pages.


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