New Avengers #46

New Avengers #46 was another great read this week that absolutely had to be read before reading the Secret Invasion #7 main issues. I hate to sound like a broken recorder, but the side issues have been leaps and bounds better than the main story. It seems like this is the case with both Marvel and DC main stories. In an attempt to make the side stories more profitable and interesting to the reader they have made the main issues boring and almost shelved items. New Avengers #46 is a great example of this as we get to explore a character that we haven’t been too interested in, but has been in the spotlight for a little while now, The Hood.

A lot of people probably don’t know much about who the Hood is but they will definitely be reaching for books featuring him after reading New Avengers #46 as it is revealed that the demon behind the cloaks and boots is Dormammu. Yeah, how is that for some retcon and injection to the character? Parker Robbins stole the boots and cloak from a demon we knew that, but I am expected to believe that demon was Dormammu? It’s clever just reaching though, but it definitely brings an interesting take to the villain who is now the Kingpin of the Super criminals whose respect he definitely commands as is visible in New Avengers #46. In Secret Invasion #6 we saw the hood and his crime syndicate watching from afar and what will we see them do now? You’ll have to come back here later to see what he does in my review of Secret Invasion #7.

New Avengers #46 has a lot going on in it, a lot, more than just the surprise of the demon behind the cloak and boots, but also the crime syndicate’s discovery of the Skrull agents being within the midst of all the super heroes. We also have to take a look at the fact that the skrull sleeper agent reveals that The Hoods little gathering is something they had not taken into account in their invasion plans so this is probably going to play a big factor in the main story where things have come to a climax and are about to meet their conclusion.

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