Secret Invasion: Thor #2

Secret Invasion Thor #2 isn’t anything to get excited about. Unlike Fraction’s work on the Reign of Blood limited this really is little more than an Asgardian’s war against the Skrulls, which I believe is going to have to be written about in more side stories to explain how the Skrulls planned this invasion on Asgard even though they believed the Asgardian’s to be dead, let alone get a force together that could actually contend with the Asgardian’s gods.

The redeeming grace in the story is how the battle occurs and the backdrop it is being done in. With the Asgard in the plains of America it allows Fraction to bring that connection of the people and the Gods and the Gods doing all they can to shelter their neighbors from the evils of this invasion. As a fan favorite Beta Ray Bill is allowed to lead the Asgardian’s into the fray, another plot point that is going to need some side story working to explain to me. In the Thor ongoing series written by J. Michael Stracyznski it is revealed that Balder is actually an Heir to the Throne of Asgard and Thor’s Half Brother. It seems very disrespectful that he would look beyond his brother and second heir to the throne to lead the mighty Asgardian’s into the fray, while he delivers a baby.

The Skrulls unleash their version of Maxima unto the scene equipped with a split in half Stormbreaker that is juiced up, who whips the hell out of Beta Ray Bill, until Thor arrives on the scene as Donald Blake ready to take on the fight. Now, if Thor as the wielder of the Odin Force is handled the way Beta Ray Bill was in the next issue I am going to be pissed. We have seen what the new God of Thunder can do with the power of the Odin Force and I would hate for Fraction to dumb down this fact so he can make a Skrull copy look the better, it was bad enough Beta Ray Bill was handed his ass the way he was.

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