Secret Invasion: Thor #3

Secret Invasion: Thor #3 was a hammer down event. It was the conclusion to an invasion of Asgard that ended abruptly with one battle and failed to depict the full-scale invasion. In fact I lost sight of the major invasion going on in the mini and began reading this as if there was a new villain introduced. Most of the Asgardian’s all seemed so focused on the battle that Thor is having with the Skrull warrior than they are with the massive invasion that was going on. In fact the invasion seems to have disappeared altogether from this last issue and part of Secret Invasion: Thor #2.

Either way the outcome of this battle seemed inevitable, or we knew Thor would triumph and he does it in godly fashion, more so than any of the other Asgardian’s could realize. The weird part is Beta Ray Bill’s involvement in the invasion is short lived because he disappears unimpeded off world right after the battle, no Skrull Warships in sight? It lends question to when this battle actually occurs in the whole secret invasion plans if it were not for the last few panels where Thor reveals in a way that this is just before he enters the battle in the main Secret Invasion series.

Either way there are some major issues with the series that are only outshined by the work that Fraction and crew do with what they do display which is magnificent. Portrayal of power levels here for Thor verse what they have been in the ongoing is something that also needs to be evaluated as they were a point of contention when I read Hulk vs. Thor in the Hulk ongoing. Enjoy what Fraction gives you and you will not be disappointed, look for the faults and you will clearly be pissed.

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