Thor #11

“I wanted the book to have a regal sort of feel to it. It has its own pace, its own voice that's just not like much else out there. My theory going in was that comic book readers have the patience for a strong, detailed character story that doesn't need to blow stuff up every day. Yes, there's a time and a place for that, and there's a heck of a big blow-up coming very soon, but there's room for variation. When the Seinfeld show said it was going to be a show about nothing, everybody said it couldn't/wouldn't work. It did. Thor is about something, about that character finding his destiny, but it's not doing what was expected...and yet it's doing very well.” (JMS, Newsarama)

If you want to read more abou thte direction JMS wants to take the Thor series and why it has unfolded the way it has Check it out here at Newsarama!

I can’t sum up any better what the direction of Thor has been on better than the writer himself. You either like what has been or you don’t and if you don’t the pace isn’t going to change. Obviously, JMS hit the nail on the head because issue after issue is a top-seller for Marvel. I have been dying for this issue to hit the shelf and I was happy that I did.

The great part about this issue is it wraps up for us where this story fits into continuity. Captain America is dead and it is 1 year later. We know this because Thor calls Captain America, Steve Rogers’ soul back from the brink so he can have a final chat with him and pay his respects. There is no major action sequences; just more plotting on the part of Loki and more revelation as to where the story is going. Still it comes across as one of the better reads I have read this entire month. This issue compels readers to get more in-depth with there comics and proves that not every thing has to be a Michael Bay movie to be successful. Go pick up Thor and enjoy a masterpiece. This series has it all, emotion, suspense, religion, depth, I could go on, I feel like I am reading a Babylon 5script when I read these issues, go experience for yourself what all the excitement is about.

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