X-Force #8

Okay to give some of you a heads up I am dropping Skaar, Son of Hulk from the reviews. There are just far better comics on the stands that I could be scanning and will be reviewing for this blog rather than Skaar: Son of Hulk. I have not like the format for some time now and it continues to anger me as the story is moving at a lull me to sleep pace, instead I am going to start reviewing tie-ins to the Ultimatum series, which I am positive many of you will be pleased with when you read or see the scans for Ultimatum #1 today, trust me it’s a can’t miss, but right now let’s talk X-Force baby.

I realized these past two days I am a bigger X-Force fan than I myself am aware. I was rifling through my closets and organizing things and started thumbing through the crates of some of my old comics and noticed I collected a lot of X-Force and X-Factor stuff back in the day. I am pleased to say that this tradition will probably carry on seeing as how great the series continues to be even after dealing with the Purifier situation which was an excellent start to the series.

This new storyline allows us to dig deeper into the members of X-Force and get into their operations. The team is expanded with some characters as equally intensive as the original three if not quirky in some ways. This particular issue reads like a chapter in a Clancy novel because of all the covert or rainbow team ops being conducted in order to capture Vanisher and aquire the Legacy Virus. Which they manage to do with a little help from Domino! I am not sure if she will be a member of X-Force following this series, but she was definitely a welcome addition in past X-Force incarnations. The team eventually captures Vanisher, but then it just cliffhangs from there. One thing I want to point out is the art, which has not gone down tremendously, but I miss the work from the previous, great series and I am looking for more with this new incarnation of X-Force.

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fiend28 said...

Who is the artist on this issue, Is it still Clayton Crain or has he been replaced?

NEIL04 said...

he has been replaced. i missed Crain. I dont know off hand who it is i left the issue at work.

NEIL04 said...

Mike CHoi is the artist


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