Nova #18

Nova #18 was on the shelf last week and while it was a great issue I am damn near chomping at the bit to review the comics that dropped today. Be prepared tomorrow evening as Ultimatum has begun and you will not believe the scans and panels of delectable art and story that is the Ultimates universe. Anyway back to Nova which has been a great series thus far and continues to chomp at the bits securing its place on the shelves and in the hearts of readers alike. Abnett and Lanning definitely touched a lot of fans when they brought Darkhawk into the picture and I am sure many people were surprised by the revival of Quasar, but now we get the Worldmind back as well, and the appearance of some Nova Centurions who destroy a Skrull Warship to save the day?

There are a lot of comedic moments in this issue much like there have been in every Nova issue and I like everything that Nova has to offer to be truthful. This issue is really just an informative battle and a point to reinsert the character Worldmind back into the series, which was what I have been waiting for. The infighting between Nova and Worldmind is definitely my favorite part of the series, so I am happy we will get it back. Worldmind makes use of the Project Pegasus weapons within the storage bunker in order to prevail against the Skrull invasion, but it’s really the arrival of the Nova Centurions who turn the tide of the battle, only question is where did they come from and how?

By the way dnt you love the Quasar Smash panel on the third scan? You can get bigger views of these scans if you dont know just cick on the images! Have fun, Til tomorrow when Ultimatum Storms the pages of Darkseid Revenge! I'll probably be busy the rest of the weekend playing Gears of War 2.

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