The New Avengers #48

The Holiday season has not slowed down Darkseid Revenge. Hell I Have a lot of catching up to do since I have dropped a lot of reviews I owe you guys and today is going to be jam packed provided I can write this fast. Today we have New Avengers #48 to start the party off right. If you have not been following the Secret Invasion story over the past year, then you may have missed out on some epic changes in the Marvel U, let alone in the Avengers and if you are a fan you have simply lost your way. New Avengers #48 begins the journey of well… the New Avengers. This is a simple bridge story here that gives you the roster breakdown added to it to make the team seem more unified is the Luke Cage Jessica Jones baby drama which is not resolved and which also pokes holes in the new roster as a desperate Luke Cage turns to the Thunderbolts Initiative Norman Osborn For help. How this is going to shake up the new team is definitely going to be interesting. On a side note the way Bendis made the new Captain America, Bucky look in this issue, as a leader has me intrigued and wanting back issues of Captain America, which I think I will be picking up very soon. Check out the New Avengers!

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