Ultimatum got ramped up really quickly after prologue in the Ultimates where all the roots were grown. Ultimatum #1 hit the shelves and many readers were probably thinking, whoa! It was the sheer destruction caused the world wide unleashed by Magneto that simply made the event a truly epic event, the casualties were also numerous and the effects far reaching in the Ultimate Universe. Ultimate Fantastic Four and X-Men were the two series that clearly had the greatest impacts and I am going to review these series just so readers can get an idea of those far reaching effects, whether I will continue to review them is doubtful as I already have a lot on my plate, but if you would like to review for the blog then let me know.

In the pages of both these series we see both teams trying to regain their composure after dealing with the Ultimatum wave and looking for the source of the problem in order to attain some measure of revenge. Ultimate X-Men was by far the more interesting of the two series as it was done in the present day and dealt with some major implications to the X-Men team while focusing on Rogue’s reaction and thirst for revenge so much so that she seeks out Vindicator because Toad has put the whisper in her ear that the X-Men will not trust her ever.

The series proves it’s strength while the Fantastic Four series was not done poorly, but it focused on a character I am never too interested in reading about which is the Thing and Sue Storm who pushed back the wave at great effect to herself. Thing is forced to seek out the help of the Mole Man in his underworld caverns. Most of the story is told in flashback to points where the story is lost, mostly on the relationship that is shared between Ben and Reed. I got the point of why it was done in this manner, but it wasn’t very effective in pulling me in as a reader emotionally, especially since it was a Reed and Ben thing vice some inclusion of Sue in there. Good thought bad execution. I am looking forward to future issues of Ultimatum. By the way there is also some Stryker action in the pages of X-Men I am sure many of you will be happy to know.

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