Today you guys get your Holiday treat. I am going to give you five reviews that I know you probably have been wanting, but I have not found the time to get around to. I’m going to catch you up on the Justice Society of America series with the two Kingdom Come Special’s Magog and Superman. Let’s start off with where the roads lead with Justice Society of America #20. Keep in mind that this all seemed like filler for the Gog main story that was going on, you know holiday filler! This is the Power Girl resolution and there really is nothing resolved save that both Power Girls are really Power Girl. I was hoping and expecting for so much more, especially since Gog put Power Girl on Earth-2. The really big parts that come as kudos to readers and fans of the JSA or even the Silver/Golden Age is the family meetings between Mr. Terrific and his wife, Alan Scott and his daughter Jade and Obsidian’s nod back to his former self. Leave it to Thom Kallor a.k.a. Starman to fix the situation and realize hey I can help this situation and fix it. The story was filler and if you love that then it was a great read. Check it out!

On Another note, check out Chaotic Reigns Versus System MWS tourney on TCGplayer hosted by the one and only Mike Lopez.

The age is modern. The event is Random Punks, why cuz its hella fun thats why!

1st Place: 3 packs of MEV
2nd Place: 2 packs of MEV
3rd place: 1 Pack of MEV

Registration Due by the 3rd of January with decks submitted to me for approval. Tourney begins on the 4th of January. Have fun and good luck!

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