Mighty Avengers #20

While the appearance of the Dark Avengers is on the horizon it appears the Marvel U must take a good look at the fall of the Mighty Avengers in issue #20. Guess who the finger is pointed at, yep! Iron Man! While his future in the Marvel U is looking grim over the next upcoming year it is clear that these Avengers will have a lot to come back from and in issue #20 they had a lot to deal with, no more than Hank Pym, who returns to bury his wife and learn the events that have taken place since his abduction. This is a great read for those who loved the character Janet Pym aka the Wasp and it is even more insightful into the greater role she played on the Avengers roster as a founder and leader. She will be missed. There is also an appearance by Thor and that is sure to raise some eyebrows. He is definitely getting a lot of exposure in the Marvel U and I am one happy camper because of it!

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