Well, guess who is at your front door in the middle of the night if you are living in the Marvel Universe today? Norman Osborn! He has taken the reins of the United States Government Superhuman Registration Act and in Secret Invasion: Dark Reigns he lays down the gauntlet for all who want to know just what he has planned. It plays out as half intriguing and damn near too crazy to call. I’m not sure where this ferry is going at all, but it promises to be one hell of the ride as the cast of the Illumi-naughty are assembled by Osborn and given the rules to this Dark Reign. It is definitely going to be a tumultuous year in the Marvel Universe for heroes of all walks of life, not to mention the U.S.A. Many readers will want to read this just to see how Emma Frost got wrapped up in this sinister syndicate of baddies. Namor and Von Doom have always been associates and off and on again alliances, let’s see what the King’s have in store. The Hood aka Dormammu and Loki also have their own agenda and while Osborn may be off stabbing the Swordsman in fits of rage, how long will this alliance really last? Check it out!

On Another note, check out Chaotic Reigns Versus System MWS tourney on TCGplayer hosted by the one and only Mike Lopez.

The age is modern. The event is Random Punks, why cuz its hella fun thats why!

1st Place: 3 packs of MEV
2nd Place: 2 packs of MEV
3rd place: 1 Pack of MEV

Registration Due by the 3rd of January with decks submitted to me for approval. Tourney begins on the 4th of January. Have fun and good luck!

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