New Avengers #47

New Avengers #47 is not a read you must have, basically it is a back story issue that really doesn’t affect anything at all. Major takeaway is that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter has been taken by the Jarvis Skrull Impostor and they are both pissed. I can’t really review this issue because it is not a story I am too interested in, but it was written well and does clear up anything any new reader was questioning when they read Secret Invasion #8 and #7 and questioned why it was such a big deal. I am positive there is going to be more here than meets the eye, but I doubt it’s a story tangent I will be too interested in.

Here are some tidbits to get your handle on… If you are going to be in the Williamsburg, Virginia area next week, Groovy Geckos is going to hold its release celebration for MEV at 12:00 PM. Groovy Geckos is located at 1505-B Richmond Road in Williamsburg, VA. Great bunch of guys to play with and they are really helpful with new players. If you live in the Richmond area and you want to attend leave a comment here if you want to carpool to get down there.

Also check out TCGplayer.com. Mike is trying to put together a MWS tournament and wants to know who is interested. Prize support is always dependent upon the number of players…

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