Hello, everyone who continues to peruse this webpage for information on their favorite comics. It has been a while since i last posted a comic book review and for that i am terribly sorry because it is something i enjoyed doing. I intend to begin reviewing comics once again as i am now finishing up a double schedule of schooling that has taken place over the last 6 months.

I will not be as comic-review intense as days gone by because i am still prepping for law school, but i will give you the readers what i can, when i can. Until then i want to help a buddy out, some of you may know him from VsRealms as Tchalla, but i just call him Curtis! He does not deserve as mush esteem as the King of Wakanda! Curtis has been in the world of comics longer than i could possibly imagine and been a collector probably even longer, for sometime now he has been sculpting Custom Action figures and i wanted to highlight some of his work whihc can be found at www.ThornChronicles.com, check out his work!

I look forward to reviewing comics once again for you the reader and catching all of you who loved Versus System the game on the updates available at VsSystem.Org where the players continue to supporct the TCG we all loved.

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Thor #12

Whew, all that Thor talk made me want… more Thor! So let’s close out the Day with Thor #12! That’s right this site might as well be called Thor something because I love this series and it is the one series I run to the store to pick up every month. This issue is almost a way of righting the origins of Loki for those readers who may not understand the character or who he was and why he was a man before and now a woman and it is a shocking surprise to many old fans that the female body he is using is that of Sif! I mean we saw her laid up in the hospital bed as an old lady trapped, but who would have thought Loki could go so far. God’s Hath no fury when Thor peers through the veil that Loki has up and wants the lord of mischief’s head on a plate. How much further will Loki twist Loki and what role will Hela continue to play in the fate of Thor? This series is definitely the best on the shelves and Thor’s influence in the Marvel Universe is being felt all over the place. Check out Thor #12!

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Ultimatum #2

I hope you have had your palette wet, but wait… there’s more! Ultimatum #2 and you don’t get no better with more surprised in the Ultimate Universe, we had a number of X-Men members get dropped off and we have seen Magneto becomes the World’s Most Wanted, but I don’t think too many people saw Magneto getting up close and personal and playing assassin on Xavier by snapping his neck for his defiance. I mean the way he puts it in those final pages makes you feel the status quo way stories are usually told will not apply. You think that is bad? Well the boys over at Marvel must have it out for the Wasp because they have killed her here as well in dramatic fashion too, the Blob eating her guts out! Hank is not going to take this well and how the hell does Clint process that image? Well, there still more! Cap is on the edge of death and is battling Hela’s horde alongside Thor in a fight for Valkyrie’s life. I have a feeling there is going to have to be a choice made here by Thor. Save Valkyrie or save Cap, we have seen this story play out before, but it gets interesting because the God of Thunder is involved in the decision and Cap is on the scale as well. Somehow, I see Captain America becoming obsolete! Check out Ultimatum #2!

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Nova #20

So why should I stop with reviews today, I write them you read them and I hope you love them! But let’s get to Nova #20 because you know the Human Rocket is one of my favorite series. I have to say the addition of Ego the Living Planet to the Nova Corps was unforeseen, but I guess the Green lanterns have Mogo , so they might as well poke fun at or give the idea a shot in the Marvel Universe. Richard is astonished by this! Other than this shocking surprise this issue of Nova sort of falls flat as the drama/comedy series it has become. It’s certainly a transitional issue, to what I am not sure, but it hints at Nova hanging up his boots because of Worldmind’s actions. Read through Nova and enjoy the short break because you know the excitement is sure to come.

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